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Went to Belfast Zoo today with my baby :D

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Even after two and a half years, I am still in awe of my beautiful, amazing and talented girlfriend. Despite the length of time we’ve been together, there’s still so much I don’t know about her and so much I am yet to learn. Every single day I am so lucky to have her in my life, and she still never fails to make my shy at the slightest thing. I think that love is the most amazing feeling that you can ever experience, and to still feel the same way after so long is truly something special.

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Movie night with my baby while it pours with rain outside :))))

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Date night once again :)

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Date night once again :)

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Waiting for the sunset with my baba :)

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Waiting for the sunset with my baba :)

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Rant >.>

So, I am out with my girlfriend today in a wee town before we head off for our day trip. I am fed up of people in today’s society who feel the need to constantly stare and shoot dirty looks at us. Some days it makes me laugh but today it is beyond ridiculous. People need to learn how to mind their own fucking business. Urghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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